Globalscope members meet twice a year at private conferences.  Each conference is hosted in a different city where Globalscope has membership representation.  Globalscope conference agendas prioritise time to:

 - Discuss opportunities during one to one deal meetings, with each member coming to the conference fully prepared with a list of identified opportunities to explore and develop
 - Meet local investors to understand the types of funding typically used in each geography
 - Meet local industry experts and partake in sector specific workshops
 - Develop the network including meeting potential new members
 - Share best practice including presentations on how to access inbound and outbound M&A in the host economy
 - Discuss M&A at a macro level as well as current trends in the mid-market specifically
 - Share our cross border M&A successes

Globalscope conferences are also social events welcoming members' companions to attend with a unique program   Our 3 day programme provides ample informal opportunities to develop relationships and discuss potential opportunities via interest groups, perhaps on the golf course or during a wine tasting, and many members choose to extend their stay in the host city.

Globalscope conferences have recently been held in Shanghai March '16, Dallas Oct '16, Milan March '17, Perth Australia Oct '17, Panama April '18 and Tbilisi Georgia September ' 18.

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Paris 10 - 13 April, 2019 with the following conference in Delhi, 16 - 19 October, 2019.